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Minutes: 2003 AGM

UK Harm Reduction Alliance 2nd Annual General Meeting

16 July 2003, 7:00pm, Royal Institute of British Architects,
66 Portland Place, London, W1N 4AD.

Minutes of Meeting

1. An attendance list was signed by the following:

Jenny Scott
Alan Joyce
Andrew Preston
Dee Jones
Iain Cameron
Des Flannagan
Blanie Stothard
Mercy Nimako
Paul Wells
Monique Tomlinson
Claire Robbins
Matthew Southwell
Daren Garratt
Chris Ford

Apologies received from Danny Morris, Roy Robertson, Steve Prendergast, Chris White, Dave Robinson, Jon Derricott.


2. Report of Directors

A summary of the work of UKHRA and the report of directors which has been submitted to Companies House was presented by Andrew Preston. Topics included the discussion groups, the conference, the regional meetings and UKHRA responses to consultations e.g. paraphernalia law proposals, OFT report on pharmacy contracts etc


3. Appointment of new directors

Stepping down: Jon Derricott (seeking re-election), Andrew Preston (seeking re-election), Peter McDermott (seeking re-election), Monique Tomlinson (not seeking re-election), Matthew Johnson (not seeking re-election).

Nominations: Dee Jones, Daren Garratt.

Jon Derricott, Andrew Preston and Peter McDermott were re-elected, Dee Jones and Daren Garratt were appointed. Forms 288a and 288b were completed by the appropriate directors.

Proposals to co-opt Claire Robbins, Iain Cameron and Dave Robsinson will considered at the first new committee meeting. Meeting dates to be arranged via email. New directors to be added to private-e-group.

The UKHRA directors committee for 2003/4 is:

Andrew Preston
Peter McDermott
Jon Derricott
Neil Hunt
Roy Robertson
Jenny Scott
Gerry Stimson
Paul Wells

Alan Joyce
Danny Morris
Gill Bradbury
Desmond Flannagan
Dee Jones
Daren Garratt
Paul Murphy


4. Presentation of accounts

Andrew Preston presented the accounts to be submitted to Companies House and these were approved.


5. Non-payment of directors

It was confirmed that no director is eligible for payment for being a director of UKHRA.


6. No dividend paid to members

It was confirmed that no dividend is payable to members as UKHRA has no share capital.


7. Re-appointment of accountant

Frank Akerman of 55 Coombe Avenue, Weymouth, was re-appointed as UKHRA accountant. This appointment was proposed by Jenny Scott, seconded by Andrew Preston and others with no objection from anyone present. It was agreed with no objections that the UKHRA directors may fix the accountants remuneration.

[End of formal business]


8. Future direction of UKHRA campaigns
There was a lengthy and hearty discussion on the future direction of UKHRA campaigns. This discussion will be summarised in a separate discussion document to be posted on the website for members to consider and comment on.

J Scott, UKHRA secretary.


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