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Minutes: 2005 AGM

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2nd December 2005, 5.15pm.

The Resource Centre, Holloway Road. London.

Jon Derricott, Des Flannagan, Stephen Heller-Murphy, Danny Morris, Grant McNally, Claire Robbins, Andrew Preston, Neil Hunt, Eliot Albert.

Darren Garrett, Gil Bradbury, Jenny Scott.



item 1.
Approval of special notice. It was unanimously resolved to reduce the number of officers from fourteen to eight, under section 39 of the Company’s Act.

item 2.
The Directors’ Report and the Accounts for the period 1 April 2004 to 31 March 2005 were received and unanimously adopted.

item 3.
Election of directors for the period between this 4th AGM and the 5th AGM.

It was confirmed that the following members were happy to continue to serve on the committee:
Eliot Albert, Desmond Flannagan, Darren Garrett, Neil Hunt, Danny Morris.

It was confirmed that the following members were stepping down from the committee, and not seeking re-election:
Jon Derricott, Jenny Scott, Alan Joyce, Paul Wells, Roy Robertson, Jackie Kearney, Lindsay Ross, Dee Jones.

The meeting thanked those committee members stepping down for their substantial
contribution to the organisation.

Stepping down and seeking re-election were:
Andrew Preston and Gerry Stimson. They were re-elected unopposed.

Also standing was Claire Robbins. Elected unopposed.

It was agreed that Stephen Heller-Murphy should remain as a co-opted member. It
was also agreed that further co-options would be considered at the first committee

item 4.
It was confirmed that no member was eligible for renumeration.

item 5
It was confirmed that no dividend was payable as the company has no share capital.

item 6
It was agreed that from 1st February 2006 the ukhra accountant should be changed to Simon Scott, Kingsbere Accountants Ltd, The Old Dryer, Hinton Business Park, Tarrant Hinton, Blandford Forum, Dorset. DT11 8JF. And that this should become the registered address of the organisation.

The meeting expressed it’s thanks to Frank Akerman for his support of UKHRA as our accountant since the organisation was formed.


item 7: AOB
Danny Morris was appointed as company secretary, it was agreed that he would discuss what was needed with jenny and arrange a meeting with Ursula. Andrew Preston volunteered to remain treasurer. Other committee positions, including chair will be decided at the first committee meeting.

It was agreed that the statutory reports to Company’s House about the changes in the number and names of directorship will be done by Frank Akerman and Andrew Preston.

It was resolved agreed that Andrew Preston should arrange for Jon Derricott to be removed as a cheque signatory, and add Neil Hunt to the list of signatories.

Neil Hunt agreed to revise membership of UKHRA private to reflect the new committee membership. Andrew Preston agreed to change the website directors listing.

it was agreed that the first meeting of the new committee should be early in the new year. items for the agenda will include:

  • elect a chair;
  • decide on whether to have a conference in 2006;
  • set meeting dates for 2006;
  • consider co-opting additional members to the committee.

Suggested dates to be run by the committee are 2pm on Thursday 19th, 26th Jan or Thursday 2nd February. Neil Hunt to book venue once date is decided.



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