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Minutes: 2006 AGM

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UKHRA 2006 AGM (30th November 2006)
5.15pm Resource Centre, Holloway Road, London.

Neil Hunt (chair), Danny Morris (secretary), Claire Robbins, Iain Cameron, Kevin Michael, Kelly Hankin, Andrew Preston (treasurer), Des Flannagan.

Apologies were received from: John Maliphant, Paul Wells, and Lisa Mallen.

AGM Agenda

1. Receive and adopt the directors report and adopt the accounts

NH gave the directors report as a resume of the year’s activities:

  • The IHRA feedback event organised by the conference consortium;
  • the best practice guidelines submitted with the NTA;
  • the email discussion lists;
  • keynote address to the FDAP conference;
  • input into NICE guidelines on detox and methadone treatment;
  • input into the Drugs Health Alliance that will try and influence the review of the English drugs strategy in 2008;
  • Reducing drug related deaths document; and the
  • Models of Care.

The directors report was formally adopted by the meeting.

AP reported the accounts giving a brief overview, including the observation that unless we reduce expenditure or increase fundraising, funds will run out within 18 months at current rate of expenditure.

The accounts were formally adopted by the meeting.


2. To elect the directors for the period between the 5th AGM and the 6th AGM.

The following members stood down and did not see re-election:
Andrew Preston
Neil Hunt

The following members stood down and sought re-election:
Danny Morris
Desmond Flannagan

This created 4 vacancies

There were 4 nominations for full committee membership:
Danny Morris
Desmond Flannagan
Stephen Heller-Murphy
Paul Wells

Who were elected unopposed
and joined the remaining members of the committee:
Prof. Gerry Stimson
Daren Garrett
Claire Robbins
Eliot Ross Albert

There were several UKHRA members who have expressed an interest in joining the committee as co-opted members:
John Maliphant
Lisa Mallen
Kevin Michael
Chris Rogers
Andrew Preston and
Neil Hunt

They were all co-opted unopposed.


3. To confirm that no director is eligible for remuneration
It was confirmed that no director is eligible for remuneration.

4. To reappoint Kingsbere accountants as the company’s accountants
It was agreed that Kingsbere accountants should be reappointed as the company’s accountants.

5. to confirm that there is no dividend payable
It was confirmed that there is no dividend payable.


6. Any Other Business

i) Meeting dates
DF said that it would be helpful to know what the meeting dates are well in advance so as to make attendance easier.

AP pointed out that the finances would only allow a very limited number of meetings before all the money runs out.

It was suggested that we arrange a meeting on January 31st in the Midlands near Coventry, and June 27th (venue to be confirmed) and an AGM in November 28th (venue to be confirmed).

ii) Officers
DM raised the issue of the lack of a chair following the formal meeting. DM said that SHM has offered to be secretary.

It was suggested that PW might want to be chair. It was agreed that election of officers and allocation of tasks are very important items for the first committee meeting in January.

iii) Cheque signatories
NH and AP are cheque signatories, it was agreed that at the next meeting the committee should identify elected members to become signatories, and if possible to take over the role of treasurer.

iv) Fundraising
DF said at such an important time we should see if we can get funding from somewhere. Fundraising is an important item for the new committee.

v) Conferences
There was a discussion about how valuable UKHRA conferences have been, it was agreed that whether we can have one in 2007 will be an important item for the agenda in January.

vi) Future of UKHRA
There was a discussion about how important it is for UKHRA to be clear about our strategic direction, although the task of influencing the English drug strategy review will be an important issue over the coming year. Again, setting of clear achievable objectives for the year will be an important task for the meeting in January.



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