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Minutes: 2007 AGM

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Minutes of the UKHRA AGM
Held at the Resource Centre, Holloway Road, 1-3pm, 8th December 2007.

Present: Paul Wells, Neil Hunt, Danny Morris, Claire Robbins, Kizzy Ball, Andrew Preston, Andrew Gordon.

Apologies: Darren Garret, Stephen Heller-Murphy, Lisa Mallen, Des Flannagan, Chris Rogers, John Maliphant, Blaine Stothard, Gerry Stimson, Jamie Bridge.

Adopt the directors report and accounts.
The directors report was accepted.
The accounts for the period April 2006 to April 2007 were accepted.

Elect directors for the period between this 6th and the 7th agm.
The existing directors who remain on the board are:
  • Gerry Stimson (re-elected 2005)
  • Claire Robbins (elected 2005)
  • Paul Wells (elected 2006)
The following directors stood down, and were re-elected:
  • Desmond Flannagan
  • Daren Garratt
  • Eliot Ross Albert
The following members were elected unopposed to the two vacant directors positions on the board, to begin their tenure on 10/01/08:
  • Lisa Mallen
  • Sharyn Smiles
The following directors are not seeking re-election, and will stand down on 10/01/08:
  • Stephen Heller-Murphy (company secretary)
  • Danny Morris
The following co-opted members remain on the committee:
  • Iain Cameron
  • Kevin Michael
  • John Maliphant
  • Andrew Preston
The following co-opted members of the committee stood down:
  • Kevin Michael
  • Chris Rogers
  • Neil Hunt
The following members were co-opted onto the committee at the meeting:
  • Kizzy Ball
  • Andrew Gordon
  • Danny Morris


3. Confirmation that no director is eligible for remuneration
It was confirmed that no director is eligible for remuneration

4. Confirmation that no dividend is payable
It was confirmed that no dividend is payable as the company has no share capital.

5. Any other business.
i) AGM
It was agreed that holding a physical AGM is an organisational task, and expense for which UKHRA lacks the necessary resources. It was therefore agreed by the meeting that the company will not hold an AGM until further notice.

ii) The future legal status and structure of UKHRA
The committee agreed that the 3 most important things that UKHRA provides: the website, the discussion lists (which provide an important resource and support for local change and activism) and responses to consultations could easily continue without the formal entity of a limited company, which brings with it legal obligations for the company and committee, and unnecessary expense.

It was agreed that the UKHRA board/committee will not meet, or incur income or expenditure (over and above that required to meet the legal requirements of the company) unless and until there are members who want to take the organisation forward in a direction that requires the company structure, and who have the desire and ability to take on the organisational tasks that are required to run UKHRA as a company.

If this does not happen in 2008, it was agreed that we would wind up the company, and continue UKHRA as a collective who have a steering committee who’s membership tasks, and functions, are decided by consensus and who communicate by email, telephone, and meeting up at other events.

iii) Role of treasurer and undertaking the tasks required by companies house
Andrew Preston agreed to continue as volunteer treasurer for the company, while it is not incurring income/expenditure – in the event that there are members who want to take the organisation forward in a direction that requires the company structure, he will pass the administrative functions to them.

Andrew Preston and Neil Hunt agreed to continue to be a cheque signatories until new treasurer and cheque signatories are found or the company is wound up.



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