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Practice Development

This section of the site allows practitioners to share policies, protocols,and other useful documents with colleagues. Documents are usually posted as a result of questions or debate on the ukhra email discussion groups.

These documents have been provided by workers and organisations in the interests improving service provision. The information is provided on the basis that the source will be acknowledged by organisations who make use of it, and that improvments and alterations will be made available to others via this website.

If you have a document suitable for sharing on this site, or one that you have amended, please click here to send us an email to tell us about it.

Their inclusion on the site does not consititute an endorsement by UKHRA, nor do any of the contents necessarily reflect the views of the organisation.

Carl Chapple, Homelessness Policy & Campaigns Officer at Cymorth Cymru, has posted an excellent sample drugs policy and accompanying guidance (publication of which was funded by the Welsh Assembley Government) for accommodation services specifically designed to work with drug or alcohol users.

The policy and guidance are aimed at servies such as wet houses or other projects with a drug related specialism, as well as services which provide more generic, non-specialist support or accommodation, such as homelessness hostels, refuges, night shelters, day centres and floating support services.

The guidance is a pdf document and the sample policy is provided as a word file that can be edited to suit local needs.

To download the pdf guidance file, click here.
To download the word file policy, click here.

Powerpoint presentation by Danny Morris, UKHRA, to Annual Drug and
Alcohol Professionals Conference 2006 (FDAP)
, London, November 8th 2006

To view, click here.

Needle exchange and opioid substitution treatment in UK prisons
PowerPoint presentation by UKHRA Chair, Neil Hunt to Prisons and Beyond conference (National Offender Management Service, with FDAP and EATA). Leicester, 16th Feb 2006 (includes full list of references).

To view, click here.
To download the powerpoint file, click here.

Paying for user involvement
The paying of users for involvement can be problematic with obstacles hindering progress. These excellent guides consider some of the difficulties faced and offer practical solutions for those wanting to effectively engage service users in all aspects of service design, development and delivery.

To download the National Institute for Mental Health in England (NIMHE) guidance, click here.

To download their payments policy, click here.

It is hoped that this section will be expanded by local examples of good practice and research in this area.

TB is an increasing problem for injecting drug users. To see a sample action plan and patient leaflet developed by Mari Ottridge/East Surrey needle exchange, click here.

Shooting up is an excellent report from the Health Protection Agency providing a good overview of the problem of viral transmission amongst injecting drug userse, and sensible recommendations for commissioning services to prevent the spread of blood borne viruses.

To download a pdf file of the report, click here.
To read the key points, click here.

Needle exchange in custody: procedure
Needle exchange in custody: protocol
Documents provided by Michael Appleton/KCA (contactable at:

There are a number of assessment, screening, referral, triage, care plan and outcome measurement resources on the National Treatment Agency website.

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