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Stop the murder of Thai drug users

An international day of action is planned in support of drug users in Thailand on 12th June 2003. Protests are planned at the Thai Embassy in London and their Consulates in Liverpool and Cardiff.

This collective action is being officially supported by Lifeline, The International Harm Reduction Association, The (Methadone) Alliance, the UK Harm Reduction Alliance and the National Drug Users Development Agency, along with many drug user activists and others who are outraged at the extra-judicial killing of drug users that has become common in Thailand since their government pledged to completely eliminate drug use this year.

Support has been pledged by Lifeline to bring two Thai drug users over to the UK for the day of action and to provide a first hand account of their experiences. The International Harm Reduction Association is meeting their accommodation and related needs.

Please alert your friends and colleagues and keep the day free. For more information on the situation in Thailand, the campaign, downloadable flyers or to buy a campaign T-shirt (all profits to go to the Thai drug user movement) please go to the Lifeline website.

Media enquires about the "Stop the Murder of Thai Drug Users" campaign can be made to



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