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AGM/Election timetable

As a properly constituted limited company, UKHRA has an obligation to open and transparent workings and to comply with company law. Part of discharging these duties includes having an annual AGM at which five directors are elected to the board and the members have the opportunity to question the board about the accounts and discuss policy and direction.

This page has been put on the website partly as an aide memoire for the committee to help us organise the AGM according to the correct timetable, and partly as a service to the members so you can see what to expect and when.



April: fix date for AGM (must be within 15 months of the last AGM)

May: committee members to decide which 5 of them will stand down, and
whether they wish to seek re-election

June: formally notify members of AGM - to see the draft of the letter that
will be sent, click here.

End June: closing date for nominations to the committee

16th July: committee to approve accounts

By end July: if there are more candidates than places on the committee a
postal ballot form will be mailed to all members.

31st August: Closing date for ballot (if there has been an election)

September: post copy of accounts on the website.

Friday 2nd December 2005. Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held at The Resource Centre, 356 Holloway Rd, London, N7 6PA, at 5:15 to 7:15pm.


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