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Below are a list of links visitors to the ukhra website have sent in as being useful sources of information. If there are other sites you think we should be linking to here, please click here and send us an email.

Action on Hepatitis C

ADAPT (Addicts Are People Too)

HIV & AIDS Treatments, Symptoms, and Testing Information. offers complete and easy-to-read information on treating HIV & AIDS, including guided treatment lessons, info on AIDS treatments, symptoms, and testing information, recent news, community forums, and interactive tools.

Asian Harm Reduction Network

Australian Drug Information Network

Australian Drug Foundation

British National Formulary

Compass is a non profit, non government organisation, set up in 1986, to provide services to people concerned with the health and social impact of illicit drug use.

Daily Dose
The Daily Dose - drug news stories, updated daily.
Promoting health and safety within the rave and nightclub community.

Danish drug users union


D.I.Y (Walsall User Group)

DrinkandDrugs.Net is a web portal for drug and alcohol practitioners and those in the wider health, social care and criminal justice sector who deal with drug and alcohol issues in their work.



Drug war clock

European Cities on Drug Policy

FDAP - Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals
The professional association of practitioners working in the substance misuse field.

HAMS Harm Reduction Network

Harm Reduction Coalition
A site giving details of the huge problems caused by General Medical Council action against private doctors.


HIV and Hepatitis

International Harm Reduction Association

Kevin Flemen (freelance drug trainer)



Medline search pages

Monkey is a coalition of professionals, users and ex-users from the Greater Manchester area of the United Kingdom. We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to furthering and defending the interests of heavy end drug users, former users and carers in Greater Manchester and other areas in the North West of England.

Drug Awareness Training for pre-hospital carers, paramedics and ambulance staff.

National Treatment Agency

The National Needle Exchange Forum

Omni: Internet resources in health and medicine

Substance Misuse Management in General Practice (SMMGP) is a support network for GPs and other members of the primary health care team who work with drug users.

Social Science Information Gateway
Social Science Information Gateway: a good place to start any search on public policy, policing, social policy, law etc.

The Lindesmith Centre

The Methadone Alliance


User involvement: there are a number of documents and websites on the net giving information on developing user involvement, Neil Hunt posted a collection of them to the UKHRA discussion list, and we have duplicated them here on the website. To see the list, click here.


UKHRA supporters
We are grateful to the following organisations for their support:

Open Society Institute for start up funding

International Harm Reduction Association for ongoing administrative support,

Frontier Medical for start up website sponsorship, and

Exchange Supplies for ongoing website design and maintenance.


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